Varicose Vein Treatment Gave Diane Begin Her Youth Back

Diane's varicose veins turned into chronic venous insufficiency

Diane Begin of Midland had lived with swelling and pain in her legs for years. It was a nuisance, but manageable. However, when the pain began keeping her up at night and it became more difficult for her to work and enjoy her passion of hiking, she knew it was time to seek medical help. Because she appeared to be suffering from complications from varicose veins, Diane’s doctor referred her to Dr. Omar P. Haqqani, MD, Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Vascular Health Clinics in Midland. Upon examination, Dr. Haqqani informed Diane that the varicose veins were causing chronic venous insufficiency. In short, her legs were shutting down. Without treatment, she would soon be unable to walk.

Varicose veins generally are more of an aesthetic nuisance that don’t often cause the complications that Diane was experiencing. Unfortunately, Diane was one of the approximately five percent who do experience complications such as chronic venous insufficiency.

“My mother’s legs had shut down and she eventually couldn’t walk and I felt my ability to walk was coming to an end,” says Diane. “I knew I’d have to have something done or I’d lose my job.”

Over the course of the next several months, Diane visited the clinic for a series of procedures on both legs. Dr. Haqqani performed stab phlebectomy to remove surface varicose veins and radiofrequency ablation (RFA) was undergone to close off abnormal veins. All procedures were conducted under local anesthetic and Diane was released from care the same day of treatment.

The swelling in each leg subsided after about the first day of treatment and Diane was back to her normal routine in just a few days.

“Dr. Haqqani explained the procedures to me in terms I could understand. He and his staff made me feel comfortable on every visit,” says Diane. “This is a place that really cares.”

The care that Diane received from Dr. Haqqani and the staff at Vascular Health Clinics has given Diane a new lease on life. She still has one more upcoming procedure on her right leg, but already raves about the difference the treatments have made in her life.

“My legs were like stove pipes before. They had no form,” says Diane. “I can wear shorts again without being conscious of my legs. I can work pain-free again. I can hike again!”

After living with not only unsightly varicose veins, but debilitating pain and swelling for years, Diane is looking forward to the final procedure and seeing no evidence that her varicose veins ever existed.

“Having these procedures done sort of gave me back my youth. Because I’ve always been active. I’ve always been the person that says ‘Yeah let’s do it. Five more miles. No big deal,’” Says Diane.

Because of the intervention performed by Dr. Haqqani, Diane can keep working and continue hiking. Five more miles. No big deal.

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