Tibial disease survivor Albert Iacco returns to active retirement

Three doctors told Albert Iacco, a 90-year-old Detroit native, that he would never walk again. However, that all changed when he met Dr. Omar Haqqani, MD, Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Vascular Health Clinics in Midland, who gave him a new lease on life.

For over a year, Albert Iacco felt a continual swelling in both of his legs and thighs that was greatly limiting how he was able to function on a daily basis.

After consulting with three doctors and spending eight months in the hospital, Albert was told that he would never walk again.

“They gave up on me three times,” Albert said. “When I was in the hospital, it would take four nurses to help get me out of my bed every morning. There was a time when I thought that I’d never get better.”

However, earlier this year, Albert was informed by one of his doctors about the treatment and care that Dr. Haqqani has provided to countless patients at Vascular Health Clinics.

When Albert first came to Vascular Health Clinics, Dr. Haqqani told Albert that he would have to undergo two procedures in order to be able to walk again.

First, Albert underwent a procedure that would restore blood flow to his posterial tibial artery and anterior tibial artery – the two arteries in his left leg that were most affected by plaque build-up.

During the second procedure six weeks later, Albert underwent a procedure that would also return blood flow to the popliteal and superficial femoral arteries in his right leg.

The procedures involved a process referred to as laser atherectomy, which helps to break through the blockage that plaque can cause in the arteries. The plaque was then ballooned and spread to the walls of the arteries, allowing for restored blood flow.

Albert spoke highly of the care that he received at Vascular Health Clinics, as well as the communication that Dr. Haqqani provided to him during both of his surgeries.

“My care was great,” Albert said. “During the procedures, I didn’t feel a thing, and I was awake the entire time. There were four doctors that were consulting each other, and I always felt comfortable.”

Albert was also impressed with the atmosphere and layout of Vascular Health Clinics’ Midland office.

“I loved the idea of having an operating room in his office,” Albert said. “I thought they were kidding me at first when they said the operating room was in the office, but sure enough, it was in there. I couldn’t believe it.”

Almost immediately after each of his procedures, Albert began to notice not only an improvement in his ability to walk, but his quality of life in general. Soon after each procedure, when Dr. Jose Raygada MD followed up with him, he said that he was feeling much better.

Albert now lives in Clare, where he enjoys the simple pleasures of retirement: Relaxing in his home and rooting for the University of Michigan football team, while still getting together with his friends for a weekly coffee at the Doherty Hotel.

After spending three years in the Navy, 33 years managing Bieber Tool & Engineering in Detroit, five years of serving for Clare’s town commission and 22 years as an editor for the Clare County Review, Albert wants nothing more than to relax and enjoy what life has to offer.

Now, thanks to Dr. Haqqani, he’s able to enjoy his daily errands and routine with a newfound bill of health.

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