Scott Smith Starts 2017 with Resolved Clots and Restored Health

Scott Smith experienced blood clots in his leg

As 2017 begins, Sebewaing resident Scott Smith is excited to start the New Year on a better note, now that his vascular health is under control, thanks to Dr. Omar P. Haqqani, Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Vascular Health Clinics in Midland, MI.

Earlier last year, Scott Smith began to experience the early symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis – a condition in which blood clots form irregularly within the deep vein system of the leg.

However, in Scott’s case, he didn’t realize there was a problem with his leg at all, as he was primarily experiencing symptoms in his chest.

“It felt like there was a 70-pound dog sitting on my chest,” Scott said, describing the increasingly distressing symptoms of his condition. “I couldn’t breathe well and had minor inclinations of a problem when I was outside working.”

For Scott, the symptoms didn’t peak until a few months later, after waking up one day to find that he couldn’t even do simple tasks, such as taking a shower or eating breakfast, without experiencing pain.

“It was incredibly scary not being able to breathe – my dad had a lot of heart issues, so I assumed it was something in my family history,” Scott said.

When Scott visited Pigeon Hospital to speak with his physician, he agreed that the most likely situation was that his symptoms were a result of his heart, or a dual situation with his heart and lungs.

However, when Scott met with Dr. Haqqani, he suspected the cause of Scott’s chest pain to be the result of an issue in his leg.

After receiving an ultrasound at Vascular Health Clinics, it was discovered that Scott had a Deep Vein Thrombosis in his lower left leg. “

The blood clot diagnosis came as a surprise,” Scott said. “I was really shocked, but still relieved, that it wasn’t a heart issue.”

Dr. Haqqani then explained to him that, in addition to wearing compression stockings to prevent the spread of the blood clots in his legs, Scott would have to undergo a venoplasty, ballooning the affected vein to relieve the blockage that the clots were causing.

Scott spoke very highly of Dr. Haqqani’s ability to explain the procedure he would undergo clearly and thoroughly.

“The procedures were explained well and I always knew what was going on,” Scott said. “The procedure itself was short and sweet with no major issues, and, during my follow-up, the blood clots have dissolved like they’re supposed to.”

Now four months removed from the procedure, Scott has stated he feels better than ever, with no returning symptoms since he underwent the minimally invasive surgery at Vascular Health Clinics.

Thanks to his new bill of health, Scott has been able to resume working third shift at the Michigan Sugar Factory plant in his hometown of Sebewaing.

“It’s a small town, with not even 2,500 people there, but it definitely feels like home,” Scott said. “It’s a very friendly town with a major farming community. It isn’t hard for me to go around town without knowing somebody.”

Not only this, but Scott also attributed his restored health as a reason for being able to spend more time with both his wife, Rose, and their two children – the oldest of which recently got married.

When asked how long Scott and his wife had been married, Rose immediately quipped, “too damn long,” with a laugh and smiling look to her husband.

“We’ll be married for 30 years come next year,” Rose said.

Thanks to Dr. Haqqani, Scott’s new health will allow him and Rose many more years together.

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