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How Can I Prevent Leg Ulcers?

Prevention of leg ulcers requires both on-going treatment for present ulcerations and preventive measures against future ulcerations.

On-going treatment includes antimicrobials and dressing strategies with close surveillance of ulcerations.

Prevention of treatment failure and future ulcers relies on:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Good nutrition.  With the aid of consultation with a dietitian/nutritionist.
  • Mobilization. Prolonged immobilization increase the risk of treatment failure and for new ulcerations. If self-ambulation or mobilization is impossible due to handicaps, passive motion and physical therapy can be used.
  • Avoidance of immunosuppressive drugs. Inflammation is only one stage of the continuum of healing, and suppressing it can have more risk than benefit in the healing process.
  • Diabetics. Strict glycemic control.
  • Management of peripheral vascular disease. Ischemia my require re-vascularization procedures. Chronic venous insufficiency can be addressed via compression stockings, weight loss, ambulation, and avoidance of prolonged sitting or standing.

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