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Prevention of Surgical Vascular Complications

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used pre-operatively to reduce the risk of surgical vascular compromise and post-operatively to enhance healing. Surgeries that have an increased risk of jeopardizing blood supply, such as debridement for osteonecrosis, may benefit from both the pre-operative and post-operative application of HBO therapy.

Prevention of HBO Therapy Complications

Prevention of ill effects from hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy are typically related to oxygen toxicity resulting from too much oxygen (100% delivered at multiple atmospheres), too long a duration of each therapy session, or summation of effects from too many sessions.

Avoidance of pulmonary or neurologic toxicity is based on serial observations of patients as they progress along their therapeutic protocols. Because of the hyperbaric effect on the lens, patients should have a thorough eye exam prior to HBO therapy. Those with benign or malignant tumors should consider the growth enhancement potential that HBO therapy could render. For example, women with small fibroids of the uterus may experience a growth spurt in them that may exacerbate their size with HBO therapy, impacting fertility.

Prevention of Claustrophobia

Patients who are claustrophobic should not use hyperbaric oxygen chambers unless they agree to some mild sedation.




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