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How Is Mesenteric Ischemia Diagnosed?

In order to confirm diagnosis, the physician uses a combination of physical examination and testing based on your signs and symptoms. When you are referred to a vascular surgeon, they will go over your history of smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as details about your symptoms. Tests that may be completed include the following:

  • Blood testing: An increase in white blood cell count may indicate intestinal ischemia.
  • Imaging such as a doppler ultrasound or CT angiogram: These may identify problems with your arteries or abdominal organs.
  • Diagnostic angiogram: More invasive but preferred if diagnosis is very important. A long, thin tube is inserted into your groin or arm, then passed through an artery to your aorta. Dye is injected that can track the blood flow through the arteries and show if there are blockages.

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