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How Can I Prevent Blood Pressure Disorders?

Nothing can be done to prevent hypertension due to genetics or age, the usual suspects in primary hypertension, but much can be done to prevent secondary hypertension. It is simply a matter of acting on its causes.

  • Quit smoking: To prevent atherosclerosis and COPD, which impacts cardiac function and BP.
  • Lose weight: To address a metabolic syndrome, which also contributes to Type 2 DM (which–itself–further encourages hypertension).
  • Avoid stimulants: Be wary of allergy medications and avoid illicit drug abuse, especially cocaine and methamphetamines.
  • Do not use appetite-suppressants.
  • For diabetics: Strict glycemic control and maintenance of a target hemoglobin A1c of <7%.
  • Follow the prescribed diagnostic work-up begun: To identify liver, kidney, adrenal, or thyroid disease and comply with the indicted therapy.

For those with documented hypertension, prevention of further progression or decreasing the risk to other organs relies on compliance with both lifestyle changes and taking the prescribed antihypertensive medication(s) as prescribed.

For those with secondary hypertension due to thyroid dysfunction, chronic kidney disease, alcoholism, or diabetes, aggressively managing these will also pay off in a favorable impact on the hypertension.


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