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Prevention of Infections of Prosthetic Devices

Prevention begins with following sterile procedure for implantable devices or proper fitting for wearable prosthetics; likewise, patient compliance with post-operative or post-fitting instructions is part of the procedure itself.

After that, the patient is his or her own best expert: self-reports are the basis of prevention of infections associated with internal prosthetic devices, implants, and wearable prosthetics. Rejection and/or infection will be noticed first by the patient and the prompt reporting to the responsible physician is the best preventative strategy at addressing problems early that may develop from these complications.

A heightened level of surveillance for possible complications related to these devices is crucial for the managing physician or primary care provider. Scrupulous physician interaction, in tandem with the patient’s self-reports, works synergistically to prevent, mitigate, or address any infection or malfunction.



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