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Prevention of Helicobacter Pylori Infection

Immunization for H. pylori is still investigational, although vaccination is sometimes considered as adjunctive therapy to enlist the help of the immune system during the various antibiotic regimens.

Eradication prevents duodenal ulcer recurrence, so the best preventative strategy is to undergo primary treatment for its eradication followed by a test of cure with the urease breath test or stool antigen test.

False negative results of testing can result if patients are on protein pump inhibitors prior, so this medication should be discontinued for 4 weeks before.

The other side of prevention is to mitigate the symptoms of the erosive diseases H. pylori causes. Bland diet, frequent meals, protein pump inhibitors, etc., are used to decrease symptoms, but this strategy becomes irrelevant when the prime concern is the presence of H. pylori which should be eradicated.


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