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How Can I Prevent a Fever of an Unknown Origin?

Prevention of a fever of unknown origin (FUO) is impossible due to the nature of its unidentified etiology. Avoidance of risks of exposure to exotic, rare illnesses can help prevent those which present as FUO.

  • International travel to countries in which diseases are endemic but rare in the US is a preventive measure; vaccination/immunizations against these diseases, if available, should be done prior to travel.
  • High-risk behaviors such as unprotected sex, consuming raw/uncooked foods, and hygienic neglect should adhere to the common sense approach of avoidance.
  • Patients, as their own best experts, should be suspicious of warning signals such as weight loss, mysterious rashes and skin manifestations, bites, exposure to animals to which they are unaccustomed, toxins in the workplace, digestive, respiratory, and cognitive changes, dental problems, or pain in a specific abdominal quadrant. 
  • Those on multiple drug regimens should maintain periodic drug-interaction appraisals with their prescribing physicians and should present each one with a full prescription profile from their pharmacy so that each will know what their other doctors are prescribing. 
  • The best way to prevent a fever of unknown origin is to not ignore it, so that its cause won’t remain unknown. Any fever lasting more than a few days should be reported to a primary care professional, especially if it is in association with other signs and symptoms. 

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