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How Can Diseases of Travelers Be Managed?

Management of diseases acquired abroad involves maintenance of electrolytes or anemia due to the symptoms. Some organisms have no treatment and a physician is limited to management of complications only.

  • Respiratory compromise may require oxygen supplementation and perhaps even mechanical support
  • Blood infections will require treatment for anemia or for hemorrhagic infections to prevent life-threatening coagulation problems
  • GI manifestations will require fluid and electrolyte maintenance of homeostasis 

Any of these can create a need for isolation if the infections are communicable.

Actual treatment, when  applicable, involves the eradication of the infecting organism. Antibacterial, antiviral, anthelminthic and other medications are used, depending on the diagnosis. Some infections are self-limited, such that maintenance of homeostasis is all that is required until the patient is out of clinical danger.


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