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Prevention of Conditions That Are Diagnosed with Arterial Angiography

Prevention of conditions that are diagnosed and followed via arterial angiography is centered on conventional preventive medicine:

  • Diabetics: Can prevent hyperglycemia-related arterial complications by strict glycemic control and maintaining a constant glycated hemoglobin A1c of <7.0%. 
  • Atherosclerosis: Requires preventive measures to avoid progression or its complications, including plaque formation, carotid stenosis, coronary artery disease, TIAs, and stroke. Prevention is centered on weight control via nutritional consultation, lipid management with statins, treatment of hypertension with antihypertensives and dietary changes, reducing the severity of any metabolic syndrome with lifestyle alterations and possibly metformin, and exercise. 
  • Aneurysms: Cannot be prevented, but arterial angiography can prevent progression or rupture via serial measurements of the diameter of the aorta or other arteries with similar arterial wall weakness. This includes the prevention of further dissection that can become life-threatening. 
  • The altered hemodynamics of arteriovenous fistulas: Can be corrected surgically to prevent venous complications from continuity with the high-pressure flow of arteries.  
  • Ischemia and necrosis distal to blockage of arterial blood flow: Is prevented by resolution of such blockages (thrombi), either mechanically (interventional arteriography), dissolution with intra-arterial agents, or recanalization with stents. 

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