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Prevention of Hypertension

Prevention of hypertension, and by way of this, prevention of needing hypertensives to mitigate heart disease, depends on health living. Blood pressure increases with age or due to genetics, and although these cannot be prevented, they can be influenced by a heart-healthy lifestyle. Anyone with a family history of hypertension or cardiac disease should adopt these changes as soon as possible, even in their childhood or teens.

  • Weight management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Exercise
  • Avoidance of high risk behavior, such as illicit drug abuse
  • Alcohol moderation
  • Statin therapy for dyslipidemia

With an established diagnosis of hypertension requiring antihypertensives, prevention of worsening hypertension or the cardiovascular comorbidities associated with it is via the above recommendations, but also via compliance with the treatment plan designed to achieve one’s target BP goal.


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