Gerald Wade Owes VHC Gratitude for Curing Him of Peripheral Arterial Disease, Smoking Addiction

Gerald Wade Owes VHC Gratitude for Curing Him of Peripheral Arterial Disease, Smoking Addiction

Gerald “Jerry” Wade, a Midland resident, had tried and failed on three separate occasions with his physician to treat the peripheral arterial disease that was blocking blood flow to his legs.

All of this changed, however, when he became acquainted with Dr. Omar P. Haqqani, Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Vascular Health Clinics in Midland, MI.

For over two years, Jerry experienced worsening symptoms in both of his legs, beginning with a numbing sensation and later escalating into a pins-and-needles feeling whenever doing errands and activities around his home.

“At first I thought it was a problem with my shoes,” Jerry said. “I didn’t see any type of improvement, and I had to deal with constant cramping and charley horses.”

Over the coming months, the pain would only get worse for Jerry.

“After a while, I just couldn’t feel my legs and my toes were getting more purple every day,” Jerry said. “That’s when I knew something had to be done.”

Jerry then went to his family physician, and after three failed attempts, he decided to get serious about finding a solution to his problem.

He then was referred to Dr. Haqqani, who after examining Jerry’s legs told him that the arteries leading to both of his legs were both 99.9% blocked with plaque. Dr. Haqqani recommended that he undergo surgery in about 6-8 weeks’ time.

“After he told me that, I asked if there was any way that he could move the surgery up to 2 or 3 weeks because of the pain I was going through,” Jerry said. “Dr. Haqqani told me he would see what he could do. A couple of days later, his office called me and said they could move the surgery to two weeks. He was extremely flexible.”

Dr. Haqqani then brought Jerry in for surgery two weeks later, around the beginning of September, for a procedure to clear the blockage in both of his legs. The surgery would end up taking three hours to complete.

After some much needed rest, a physical therapist came into meet with Jerry to see if he felt like beginning to try walking.

“I was all ready to go, and I was zipping around that room,” Jerry said. “Not only 24 hours after the procedure, I could already see a major improvement with how I was doing.”

Over the past few weeks, Jerry has shown tremendous improvements with his condition, and has reported his life starting to return to normal, getting to reconnect with many hobbies he was unable to do before, like race on his dirt bike.

In his spare time, Jerry is an avid collector of NASCAR memorabilia, citing a love for Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., in particular. Additionally, Jerry is currently married, and noted having a strong relationship with his grandson, Oliver.

“He’s my little buddy, and he just loves his Pup-Pup,” Jerry said.

Not only this, but since meeting Dr. Haqqani, Jerry said that he has successfully given up smoking cigarettes – a decision he made around the time of his surgery.

“He put the fear of God in me to stop smoking,” Jerry said, laughing. “He honestly should start a “How To” video on quitting smoking because he sure scared the hell out of me.”

Since quitting in September, Jerry hasn’t looked back at his addiction, feeling better than ever before.

Thanks to the support of Dr. Haqqani and the incredible support staff at Vascular Health Clinics, Jerry is able to continue his life with the best bill of health he’s had in years.

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