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Midland Daily News Weekly Health Article

Good vs. Bad Cholesterol: Maintaining a balance for vascular health (5/21/17)

Stopping disease at the source: The 5 most prominent risk factors for vascular disease (5/14/17)

Year In, Year Out: How the effects of aging increase the risk for vascular disease (5/7/17)

Increasing exercise regimens can strengthen vascular health (4/30/17)

Controlling obesity can contribute to a renewed vascular lifestyle (4/23/17)

Coronary Artery Disease: Not for the faint of heart (4/16/17)

Success through Surgery: Weighing the options of intervention (4/9/17)

Surgery isn't a certainty: Vascular conditions treatable through non-invasive means (4/2/17)

Detection & Diagnosis: Acting early on vascular conditions (3/26/17)

Hypertension: Putting the pressure on a preventable risk factor (3/19/17)

Trauma & the Vascular System: An Unfortunate, Controllable Duo (3/12/17)

Diabetes & the Vascular System: An Unexpected Risk Factor (3/5/17)

How Heart Disease Can Cause Vascular Difficulties (2/26/17)

Atherosclerosis: A disheartening, preventable risk factor (2/12/17)

Dialysis: When kidney failure is no longer an option (2/5/17)

Factor V: Gaining perspective on blood protein deficiencies (1/29/17)

Invest in your intestines: Learning the effects of mesenteric ischemia (1/22/17)

Deep Vein Thrombosis: Aggressive clotting from a curable condition (1/15/17)

Treating renal artery stenosis: How to give critical organs a fighting chance (1/8/17)

Don't let Raynaud's syndrome leave you out in the cold (1/1/17)

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Squaring your shoulders against vascular disease (12/25/16)

Aortic aneurysms: Quiet killers (12/18/16)

Pulmonary embolism: Some knowledge to help you breathe easier (12/11/16)

May-Thurner syndrome: Trying but treatable (12/4/16)

The Benefits of Vascular Screening (11/20/16)

The Effects of Stress on Your Vascular System (11/13/16)

Neuropathy: Getting to the Nerve of the Problem (11/6/16)

The Not So Sweet Relationship Between Sugar and Diabetes (10/23/16)

Aspirin, Plavix, Coumadin - Why Blood Thinners Can Be Vital to Your Health (10/16/16)

A Clearer Look at Statins and Cholesterol (10/9/16)

September is PAD Awareness Month (9/25/16)

Recognizing Non-Healing Wounds Can Prevent Serious Complications (9/18/17)

Smoking Cessation Improves Your Health at Any Age (9/11/16)

The Lowdown on Varicose Veins (9/4/16)

Reducing Your Stroke Risks is Possible (8/28/16)

In the News

Healthcare providers to learn about vascular disease (Midland Daily News, 11/11/16)

Addressing leg-pain may have saved area woman’s life (Record & Clarion, 9/28/16)

Haqqani: Stand, stretch often during summertime travels (Midland Daily News, 6/17/13)

Local vascular surgeon helps Midland man choose life (Midland Daily News, 3/22/13)

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