Foot Problems

Foot and ankle problems are usually associated to improper footwear, physical stress, mechanical changes in the foot, arthritis, congenital foot problems, infections, neoplastic disorders or traumatic foot problems. For more information on general or specific foot pain or ankle problems please select from the links below.

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Bunion Problems

The bone at the base of your big toe connects to a bone in the ball of your foot. Where the bones connect is called a joint. Normally the bones lie almost in a straight line, and your big toe points straight ahead. But sometimes the big toe starts to turn in toward the smaller toes.

This pushes the joint out to the side, causing a bump. This bump is called a Bunion. It can be mild, moderate or severe. Sometimes this condition comes with pain and sometimes there is little to no pain at all, only difficulty fitting the foot into certain types of shoes. After a proper examination, your doctor will be able to diagnose and even treat this condition appropriately. These treatments can range from minor application of a bunion pad, wearing larger shoes and in some cases surgery to correct the condition. For more information on the surgical technique used in our office, please see the video on Bunion Surgery offered here on our web site on the video page.

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